The Presses

The arrival of a new millennia marked the closing of a era in the printing world, machinery that had served for nearly two hundred years now found it ways to the scrap yard or lay forgotten; the people who used this equipment on a daily basis were also slipping away. As prospective printers we found ourselves on a cusp where machinery and artisan skills were disappearing.
We were looking for equipment that complemented our interest in printmaking.

A Vandercook proofing press to fulfill our basic needs came from Birmingham, we then had the opportunity to rescue a Colt Armory press; 1.25 tons of 19th century engineering. Further journeys took us to retiring printers and we were fortunate to acquire two Vicobolds that enabled us to print in larger quantities and at greater speeds than the proofing press would allow.

Following a succession of small guillotines we took on the challenge of restoring a vast 1860 Hopkinson and Cope guillotine, delivering us close to our initial vision with a range of presses sympathetic to the requirements of diverse printing demands.

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